Cool eBay find #2

There are probably going to be quite a few of these eBay updates on this page, I can’t help it, there is just too much cool stuff for sale! I even saw the jet engine from a helicopter the other day, I’ve got no use for one but who wouldn’t want one?!

Anyway this eBay find represents one of my more recent obsessions – beach buggies. This one represents great value for money in my opinion. Its got less than a day left and no bids, with the starting bid being £3,000 – under half the price of the average beach buggy. This one has the right look where its not too pretty but its not too ugly either. I can’t believe someone hasn’t bid on it yet, and it just keeps getting more tempting..

P.S. Have a look at whats in the background of the image above!

Cool eBay find #2

Find Cool eBay find #1 here


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