Formula E: Will the war of the manufacturers make it or break it?

Formula E seems to be a point of contention for car lovers, with most disliking it without giving it much of chance. I’ve worked at Formula E (and Formula 1) for the last few years and have enjoyed both a lot. It is easy to see that this is a young series that is still finding its place and evolving into something that could really be quite fantastic.

I’ve seen a lot of moaning online about how they sound awful (F1 does too apparently) but personally I found the noises the E cars make to be quite entertaining, and F1 isn’t that bad either. Yes the engines of old sounded epic but the new ones have their own good points too. For me Formula E is much more of an event than other race series – there are so many more things for everyone to do, not just watching the race and going to the beer stand. Another good point about Formula E is the attitude of the drivers, they’re more than happy to jostle each other while waiting to go out on track and there is an air of youth and energy. The sport isn’t taken so seriously and that fun atmosphere makes a difference, I hope that the big OEMs don’t ruin that.

I’m curious to see what effect this influx of money will have and whether Formula E can continue to grow naturally and without external influences. I love the tiny tracks that they race on and the fact that they’re built up in only a few days like at Greenwich Park. It is a fantastic opportunity for the sport to grow and for technology to be created, but I have a feeling the fun atmosphere of Formula E may be sacrificed for monetary gains in a competitive industry.


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