Cool eBay find #13

#13 is an iconic American sports car – the Chevrolet Corvette. This one is from 1973 and is a ‘Baldwin Motion’ Replica – which looks awesome. The only thing that could really make this car better would be if it was a manual, but its pretty amazing as it is. The two-tone paintwork really sets that car off and gives it an unusual look. Apparently the car was featured at a Mecum auction in 2013 and sold for $17,000 – which makes the current bid of £11,600 look quite cheap. Apparently the car is only classed as a replica because the original Baldwin paperwork isn’t present (perhaps something that could be confirmed by an expert). The car looks to be in excellent condition and the write up on it is pretty extensive, if you’re looking for a C3 Corvette then this is the one to buy.

Cool eBay find #13

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