Internet Find #2

My second internet find is this Jaguar XJ-S 3.6 manual. It can be hard to find a manual XJ-S and much less one that is reasonable. I drove one of these quite recently and was surprised by how rapid it felt, it felt much quicker than the V12 automatics that I have driven (though I’m yet to drive a manual V12 XJ-S to see a fair comparison). I love these cars and they do drive nicely but the automatic gearboxes just aren’t enough to keep up with them in my opinion. For under £5,000 you can have a manual 3.6 Jaguar that will only increase in price (quite rapidly within the next couple of years I reckon). Of course the car itself needs checking out but it looks to be a private seller which can be both a good thing and a bad thing. This is a great buy for someone in my opinion, its not the perfect spec and I don’t like the chrome arches or leaping Jaguar on the bonnet but those things are minor details in the grand scheme of things and easily removable if you’re keeping the car to enjoy.

Internet Find #2



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