The wrong car for the weather.

So today it was forecast that my area would receive four inches of rain – and it certainly felt like it! Roads were flooding everywhere and I can easily say that I was happy to be driving a Discovery and not something lower that wouldn’t be able to cope so easily. I did see someone who evidently didn’t care about the torrential rain or flooded roads as they were driving one of the tiniest modern cars I’ve seen in a long time! After reg checking the car as I had no clue what it was it turned out that this was a French built Secma. The Secma website promises an M1 category car that offers Ariel Atom aggressiveness and Lotus Caterham thrills at a fraction of the price (takes a little bit of believing doesn’t it?). There isn’t a lot of information on them online apart from the company was founded in 1995 and its factory burnt down in 2009 – and I can’t imagine why it hasn’t hit headlines and become a smash hit. It looked as if it would float in one of those puddles. I do wonder if it lives up to those tall claims though!


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