Cool eBay Find #39

You can find a whole lot of tat on eBay and also a whole load of projects that someone has started but never finished. Take this Pontiac Firebird for example, the owner has done a fair amount of work on it to get it to this stage and then abandoned it before taking a few shoddy photos and sticking it up for sale. Their loss is someone else’s gain though, because imagine how cool this would look as a ‘tatty’ track car roaring around your favourite circuit. There is a huge amount of work left to be done and it doesn’t look like the car comes with much but you never did need your weekends free did you? Imagine this car with a huge V8 and a track focussed set up, you could spend a small fortune or try and build yourself a cheap track car that offers huge thrills. At £890 so far I can’t quite decide if it’s a bargain or a lunatic’s game.

Cool eBay Find #39


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