Cool eBay Find #41

Triumphs aren’t up in the hall of hallowed car manufacturers for me but I do appreciate a few of them. I’ve driven a Stag (manual with overdrive) that impressed me a lot more than I thought it would and I would still like to drive a Dolomite Sprint such as this one. This car isn’t original, it was delivered as a white automatic but is now a Tahiti Blue manual car with a replacement engine. It does have a very good story to it however that the current owner has been able to trace back to when the car was new. This is a very low mileage car (sub 30,000) which is hard to find and ticks another box. Personally I would happily buy a non original car that had that amount of care by its current owner over a completely original car with dubious history, and apparently the people bidding on the car agree as it currently sits at £7,100 which also helps to prove why you should put some effort into your write up when selling your car. Apparently it even still smells like a new Triumph inside too….is that a good thing?

Cool eBay Find #41


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