Cool eBay Find #42

Most petrolheads know what a Lotus Cortina is and probably know just how crazy the prices have gone for them in recent years. To my mind this one is completely bonkers, it’s completely ruined after sitting in a garden for however many decades and will cost an absolute fortune to restore and a huge amount of time too. That isn’t to say it’s not worth doing but the current bid of over £17,000 is more than a little mind-boggling. It’s a 1964 car and ‘pre airflow’, and has been verified by the owner. The write up is simply huge and rambles a little about arguments with previous bidders who deny the authenticity of the car (I can’t say I’m surprised, key board warriors are everywhere now). Apparently the reserve is well above £20,000 which is a lot considering it is a rotten old Ford in its basest form. I do wonder if the car will be kept or will actually be restored, it would be good to see it when done if it does go ahead.


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