Internet Find #6

If you’re looking to buy an Alfa Romeo you might as well buy a project because it won’t run anyway right? Personally I’ve had very little trouble with Alfa Romeos and much more trouble with other ‘more reliable’ brands. This 2600 Sprint looks to be a good basis for restoration even if only for the fact that its not a complete rot box and seems to be all there. Its a LHD car which would put some buyers off in the UK but I wouldn’t mind personally. The fact the car is in bare metal helps to get a clearer view of it rather than one of those project cars that has been painted in primer to hide a whole host of sins. If you use your imagination you can see what this car would look like finished and I reckon it will be pretty spectacular. I think the price is very steep (and I’ve seen one for near half the price), so I wouldn’t be surprised if this hangs around for a while. The seller isn’t too worried I would imagine judging by the other stock in background of the photos.

Internet Find #6


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