Cool eBay Find #46

Classic vans have soared in popularity in recent years – with the VW van leading the pack and now commanding huge prices for an early split screen model. Citroen HY vans have become so popular that you can now have a modern Citroen van rebodied to look like one (which I find pretty cool to be honest). This van is something a little different, and I’ve never seen one before. This Peugeot D4B Pignose has that ugly-but-cute appeal that so many people find appealing right now. The seller suggests that this could make an ideal food van (albeit a very small one) and you can easily see how this particular van would draw people in to sample your particular brand of gourmet food. I would love to see this signwritten and actually used as a van (soft use though) as it would be fantastic to see something like this out on the road (or probably on the side of it).

Cool eBay Find #46


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