Cool eBay Find #47

If you’ve read some of my other eBay finds you’ll know that I’ve got a lot of love for the Jaguar XJS. This XJS, however, is no ordinary Jaguar, it’s been tuned by TWR. TWR Jaguars have something of a legendary status in my mind and I like both the look and the price of this one. I can be picky about cars being painted white (living in Essex will do that to you) but this looks pretty smart and presents a clean aesthetic in some senses. The car has a starting bid of just £8,000 which is not a bad price for an XJS now and if there are no bids there could be a negotiation to be had, especially since the owner needs to sell since they are moving abroad. This is a 60k mile example which is low (though not as low as some ads would like you to believe). The interior looks a little tired in some photos so there may be a little work there but it is a dark colour which is a hard thing to find in one of these cars. This car has the potential to be a great buy if no bids are forthcoming before the auction ends.


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