Internet Find #7

I’ve seen a few Lotus Europas out and about in recent months and then seeing them pop up for sale online makes me want one more and more. I’ve seen one for over £50k online that is highly modified and fitted with a Cosworth engine – what a car! This one is a much more reasonable prospect at £19,500 with offers invited. This isn’t an original car either, with a reinforced body shell and a Vauxhall engine that has been built to a high performance specification (this is no Corsa thank you very much). The car has covered less than 4,000 miles in a decade which was when it was restored. That seems like a crying shame to me as you’d want to be out driving this car every chance you got – though I can appreciate how its easy to not drive a car when you have it wrapped up in a garage and only use it on occasions. I love the interior of this car – it makes for a modernised Lotus that doesn’t destroy the original feel but instead give it a performance edge.

Internet Find #7

Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 20.59.17


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