Cool eBay Find #50

After watching a video of the then-new Porsche Cayenne Turbo blasting around a race track and easily dispatching its competition (which wasn’t much at that point, who remembers a time before performance SUVs?) I decided to see how much they were on eBay. Of course there are plenty of cheaper examples, and plenty of sketchy ones too but I decided to pick this one, there is just something I liked about it. This is a 10 year old example with 85k miles and plenty of options. It’s listed for £16,995 with some wiggle room I would imagine, it does sound steep but consider what this car is, not much can get away from it. They are also renowned for having some very expensive problems and that’s easy to put you off, I just wonder if somehow the car itself can justify that niggling fear that such a large chunk of money could go wrong at any moment.

Cool eBay Find #50


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