Cool eBay Find #51

…or you could buy this Cayenne, which is around the same price (for now) but offers a different car and a different purchase experience. The Cayenne Turbo (Find #50) is listed with a dealer for a fiver off of £17k which means there is some ability to get problems sorted should they arise (not that a dealer should sort all your car’s problems after you’ve bought it, that’s why you get warranty). This Cayenne GTS is privately owned and also being sold via auction. The worst thing is that the photos on the listing really are terrible (great job covering those plates btw). You can’t see most of the car in a clear photo and that is worrying, and you’d have to go and view it. The write up is a fair bit better however and the vendor is happy to list that the car has over £20k worth of options on it and is one of the finest examples of its kind, which is subjective. The current price is £15,250 and I can very much see the appeal, this car does look the part and would photograph incredibly well if you put a little effort in. The GTS isn’t as powerful as the Turbo but it is still a whole lot of car and a more focussed example that should be a whole lot of fun, I can’t decide which one would take my money if I had to choose.

Cool eBay Find #51


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