Cool eBay Find #56

This eBay find is a complete car that is possibly a project too depending on your tastes – and maybe a little bit of a bargain too (it definitely is for the moment!). This MK1 Escort started off life as a 1100cc base model but has ended up as a RS2000 replica in a great colour combo. These cars are huge fun to drive and can be a handful if you let them. According to the write up the car has had a lot of work over the recent decade and a bit and has been owned by the current owner for 9 years and enjoyed as it should have been. It’s not described as a perfect example (and that’s a good thing because it’s been used!), but it wouldn’t take much to bring it up to standard. The thing I don’t like about this car is the seats and steering wheel among a few other things. The seats would be so much better as period looking items and the steering wheel doesn’t give that performance feel. There is certainly more you could do with this car performance-wise also if you are the kind of person who likes to tinker.
Cool eBay Find #56


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