Cool eBay Find #60

Volkswagens don’t really feature in my eBay watch list (or anywhere else) apart from old Beetles and the occasional bus but I do like something about this car and it looks like a huge amount of fun. The description didn’t do a huge amount to impress me at the start by announcing they don’t need to tell you about what the car is because obviously everyone knows what it is (I didn’t), it’s just a bit snobby. However this is a Golf G60 Rallye 4X4 Synchro which is apparently going to be the next E30 M3, I can see them appreciating in value, and it’s appears they already have, but whether it goes up that far remains to be seen. It’s listed for £19,500 and there is a UK supplied example also on eBay for £26k so it doesn’t seem like that bad a deal – but then again there is a lot you can buy for 20k…

Cool eBay Find #60


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