Cool eBay Find #61

This Find has a lot to like – it was first owned by George Hesketh who was an England Rugby player and was passed along to his son. It is also in its original colour which is stunning and unusual to see too, just one of many things I love about this car. The write up is great and the history is too. The engine isn’t original but is instead a Ford Kent engine which apparently sounds fantastic (though I would love for it to still be a twincam). Happily though you can buy the original engine for £4K extra, it’s just been rebuilt and I would definitely purchase it even if I didn’t end up putting it back in the car. The car is located in Spain which is perhaps a little far to travel to view it but the boot on this Europa is perfect for a couple of soft bags so that you could buy this car and drive it home – a fantastic way to get to know the car, have a nice break and decide what engine what you wanted to keep in the car. The owner even has the original bill of sale – how many times have you seen that with a 1972 car that’s up for sale! This sure is tempting…

Cool eBay Find #61


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