Internet Find #11

My appreciation for the Lancia Fulvia has grown from nothing over the past year or so, and this one may be my favourite out of the ones I’ve seen for sale in quite a while. This particular car is a 1.3S Rallye Series 2 and is a matching numbers car that has recently arrived from Italy, normally meaning that you’ll be buying a solid car. This one is described as being in mint condition and the underneath does look very nice. The paintwork is nice and bright and in a great colour too which always helps. Its a LHD car which may put some people off but when a car is this small it really doesn’t matter too much. The car received a full glass out repaint in 2014 along with a huge amount of other work that really goes a long way towards justifying the £15,995 which didn’t seem too unreasonable just looking at the photos without having read the description. I think you’d be hard pushed to find a nicer one of these even if simply for the fact that you don’t see many up for sale. I wouldn’t choose it as an investment car though as I can’t see them booming in price anytime soon.

Internet Find #11


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