Internet Find #13

Old Volvos aren’t the most popular classic cars you see, they don’t tend to garner much attention, and especially not at auctions. These old cars have a reputation for being boring to drive which doesn’t help their image. Cars such as the Amazon built by a Koenigsegg employee that was later owned by Guy Martin definitely helps to defeat this image though. This PV544 is used as a daily driver by the current owner and is nowhere near perfect but is perfectly useable. I don’t think I would want to drive it everyday but there is something about the side shot of this car that makes me think this would make a really awesome hot rod. The fact that this is a Volvo would only make a it a cooler hot rod in my eyes because it is so unexpected. £4,750 doesn’t even sound like a bad place to start from, though I would imagine you could sink a fortune into it turning it into a proper hot rod.

Internet Find #13


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