A weird day at an auction

I love a barn find, so a whole barn full of barn finds sounds like heaven right? Well not quite, arriving to park in a muddy field with knee length grass was the first not so good sign. Seeing the amount of tat and, erm, interesting characters were probably the second and third signs. Right from the start of the auction prices seemed to be going high, that massive urn/pillar thing in the photos was part of a pair, and each went for over £4,000 before commission. The cars I was there to look at were nearer the end of the auction, with random old rubbish and many, many carts, trailers and caravans (some of which went to simply huge money). There were some decent cars there and plenty of tat too, some of them were rotted away outside but the ones in the barn ranged from ok to pretty good condition. It soon became clear that quite a few of the people there appeared to be cash buyers who were happy to spend willingly and overspend too, because 8-9/10 cars went well over what they are worth, even by the best of estimates. In the end I didn’t stay past two thirds way through the auction, it just wasn’t worth standing in the wet and the cold to potentially bid on a car I probably didn’t want anyway. The characters there were odd too, though that’s not the first or last time I’ll see those sorts of characters at an auction either. 


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