Cool eBay Find #67

What young petrolhead hasn’t want a life sized R/C at some point in their childhood. Be it Tonka or Tamiya all R/C cars have that awesome look and crazy driving ability that we would love to be able to enjoy for real. This eBay find is a effectively a Ford Puma rally car, and is wearing Ford’s 90s colour scheme. To be fair all I had to see was the rally light pods and I was pretty much sold. The ad doesn’t say what has been done to the car mechanically apart from the exhaust, and it would be a shame if the engine wasn’t upgraded since these are well known for being a bit underpowered. It still looks like a fantastic little car and I did a double take at the price of £5,995 because it seems way too cheap for what you’re getting. The car currently gets used for a lot of promo work at the moment and you can see why, though I would imagine you could easily look like a bit of a doughnut driving along in it. I know I would be grinning like a madman and not caring at all if it were me though.

Cool eBay Find #67


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