Internet Find #14

The Fiat 130 Coupe never used to really show up in my car searches until I saw how much my Dad liked them when there were two at an auction we were viewing. This is a rare manual car and I wouldn’t imagine there are many left, under 5000 cars were built total (auto and manual). Apparently the car had only one Italian owner before coming to the UK this year, which is pretty impressive considering it is over forty years old now. The car is showing 35,000 km on the clock but apparently that can’t be verified, which is a bit odd if you ask me seeing as its a one owner car and that is a fairly important aspect. According to the seller its a very clean car with no rust – probably very little rust, these cars start shivering when they hit British shores. This is a great buy for £10,000 in my opinion, as the prices of these have been on the up of late and they do have a nice style to them also.

Internet Find #14


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