Cool eBay Find #72

Sometimes when browsing through eBay I get tempted by that ‘what if’ moment of lunacy when I wonder if I could ever afford a car that is completely outrageous, and after looking at one of my earlier finds – the 308 GT4 – I decided to have a look at how good a price I could find on a 348. It turns out that the price didn’t really matter so much when I saw this one because it is pretty much perfect apart from being a LHD car which isn’t that big an issue for me. I do like red Ferraris but when you see one that is bright yellow like this one they really do tend to stand out. The price actually isn’t bad for this car at £65k, especially when you consider its 25 years old and only covered 4400 miles! I just couldn’t leave it sitting in my garage, I would want to drive it too much. One day hey!

Cool eBay Find #72


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