Cool eBay Find #76

It’s another retro ride for this Find, and it’s nearly perfect. I absolutely love the aesthetic that this Porsche represents until it comes to the interior. The car is under bidding on eBay with the current bid under 10k and the asking price of £17k which is perhaps a little high but a lot of car for the money and an S4 which is desirable. As I’ve said before white cars can be a bit hit and miss for me but this looks completely awesome. If I was going to buy it I would probably end up retrimming the interior so it was all black, it looks better normally and would go much better with the white exterior in my opinion. 88k mileage isn’t bad for one of these super coupes either and the seller states that the body is arrow straight, which is pretty great for any car of this age.

Cool eBay Find #76


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