Cool eBay Find #77

This has got to be one of the biggest bargains you could have found online when compared to the huge amount of work and money that has gone into building this custom build Beetle. Looking at the photos it really isn’t a Beetle anymore, especially since it’s had a Skyline engine heart transplant. Not only is this car now front engined instead of rear engined and the body shell has received a huge amount of work and there are photos showing just how it was carried out too. Over 2000 hours were taken to create this beauty and I think it’s and absolute beauty and so did a lot of people on social media. The car’s listing ended soon after it started and I reckon it sold pretty easily at the price the owner was asking for it. There’s also been talk online of it not being road legal because of not having mud guards among other things but I’m sure all of those things would be worth sorting for this car.

Cool eBay Find #77


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