Cool eBay Find #80

The Porsche 996 has been the most hated and least desirable 911 since its introduction in the late nineties. The slightly unfortunate looks combined with the fact that Porsche had switched to water cooling from the old favourite of air cooling. The 996 isn’t a bad car and can easily grow on you once you’ve driven one, even if it does have the same headlights as the Boxster. The Targa variant isn’t to the same level as Targas of old but it does have an amazing open feel with that huge glass roof. This one is one of the nicest ones I’ve seen. The fact it isn’t silver/black/grey etc is a big pro and the wheels and spoiler help to finish it off. It’s a manual car which I would prefer though the TipTronic gearbox is good too (especially if you’re doing motorway miles where you could expect to sit in stop/start traffic). This car is up for bidding and is currently sitting at just over £12.5k which isn’t bad money for one of these. It would definitely make a fun daily driver that’s for sure.

Cool eBay Find #80


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