Cool eBay Find #83

Finding a magazine featured car can be a pretty big bonus, and an even bigger bonus to find an original press car. Normally these sorts of cars tend to have great history with them and even if they don’t then you are more easily able to track where it has been via those original magazine stories. I love the Lotus Esprit and this one looks like a great car, though the owner does note that there are some areas that need touching up.  It’s a totally original car spec wise apart from a stainless steel Larini exhaust, it’s been resprayed and the wheels refurbed so that is another good factor. The ad is all in capitals which can be a bit difficult to keep up with but the write up is extensive which is always a good thing. I still think this is a very cheap car and well worth buying even with those little issues.

Cool eBay Find #83


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