Cool eBay Find #84

One of my earlier posts was about a V12 Ferrari grand tourer so I came across this Jensen Interceptor I thought it may present a more affordable grand tourer, though without much of the Ferrari’s elegance and perhaps class. The Interceptor is a more brutish choice (which I quite like) which is why the Viperceptor restomod works so well – and I would definitely love one of those. I’ve heard that the Interceptor isn’t much to drive, though I’ve been trying to ignore that until I can actually drive one myself. The interior on these looks like you could just relax while the car breezes across the miles. I like a big comfy car and this fits the bill, even if the exterior looks can be a little challenging. This would probably be a car candidate if you like long weekends away, I wouldn’t call it a continent crusher but it can’t be that far off.

Cool eBay Find #84


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