Cool eBay Find #85

I’m a huge fan of modern classics, it’s probably because those cars are the ones I grew up with and am familiar with. With a modern classic you can strike a balance between an old car and one new enough that you can run easily enough day to day. This Mitsubishi GTO is a big fast coupe that I like the look of a lot. I know the red wheels may be a little hit or miss with a lot of people but I love them, and they complete the car for me. It’s not a high mileage car at 79k miles and the asking price is just shy of £7,000 which is a lot of car for the money though priced higher than average for these, though it seems to be just what the dealer trades in so they should know everything about them. It’s a manual car which is a bonus and the car looks clean, so if the wheels really bothered you it wouldn’t be much to change them, because the rest of the car is worth it.

Cool eBay Find #85


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