Internet Find #21

Find #18 was also a DB9, albeit a cheap and high mileage one. This find isn’t a bad price either, but has close to a third of the mileage of #18. One of the things I don’t particularly like about this car is the grille which isn’t standard but that is something that is easy enough to change. The car has good service history too with 11 stamps in the book which is commensurate with the age and the mileage. With a list price of £33,995 this could be a good deal for someone, though its well worth remembering that you do have to factor in the cost of running the vehicle too. I do wonder how long it will be before these cars become a true modern classic and start to appreciate in price again. This isn’t a whole lot of money for a V12 grand tourer thats for sure.

Internet Find #21


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