Internet Find #22

The BMW E30 is an iconic car for many different reasons, and given the stratospheric rise of the M3 prices it isn’t surprising to 325 prices go up also. This one isn’t among the most desirable as it has a cloth interior and an automatic gearbox (though it is an ‘auto switchable sports gearbox). Dolphin Grey is a very popular colour for these and it certainly looks the part, with the vendor saying that the condition is remarkable throughout. It appears whoever has done any work on it has an eye for details though as even the sound deadening foam under the bonnet has been replaced (its a pet hate of mine when these get scabby). A big selling point could also be the stainless steel Scorpion exhaust that apparently will make you grin from ear to ear. The seller isn’t a dealer and isn’t interested in P/X deals and also seems to be firm on the asking price of £10,500. I know the car has been advertised for quite a while so maybe that has changed but who knows.

Internet Find #22


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