Cool eBay Find #86

This find is for anyone who likes a project and doesn’t mind a car that isn’t original – which a lot of Ford people seem to get a stick up their behinds about unless its their own car. This Capri is a 2.8i with an X-pack bodykit (it doesn’t look like the greatest to be honest, and there is a lot on its own listed for sale at the moment). It also has aftermarket wheels, seat and many other things too. You could put this car back to stock but I think that would probably a waste of time. You could also turn it into a fast road car (though I would hope without that awful spoiler). For me though, I would probably strip it back and turn it into a track car. I might even (gasp) put a V8 in it for a bit of fun if it were me. Either way I hope this car ends up looking a whole lot better than it does now.

Cool eBay Find #86


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