Cool eBay Find #87

#87 isn’t a project, it’s a ‘rolling restoration’ – which means it will roll far enough that you can’t take it back and then become a full restoration. Either way this is a fairly rare (and pretty cool) car which you don’t get to see often. I am a big fan of the E24 6-series and finding a manual one isn’t easy, though there are two on eBay at the moment funnily enough. The 135k miles on this car isn’t bad either, and the other one currently for sale has 30k more on the clock. At a current bid of £4,200 this car isn’t cheap, though it has got an MOT and new tyres. A dog leg gearbox can be a bit of a learning curve for most drivers but that certainly shouldn’t put you off, and it will definitely give you a whole lot of fun on twisty roads. I’d be tempted to buy this car and modify it a little bit to be a cooler looking car but that is personal preference.

Cool eBay Find #87


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