Cool eBay Find #88

This is another find for those people who have a lot of time and money on their hands that they don’t know what to do with, because this isn’t really a road car. I actually saw this Capri at the last Historics at Brooklands auction with a much higher guide that it obviously didn’t reach. If you listen really carefully you can hear Ford fans screaming in anguish at the fact that another Capri has been modified and at the price of it – though at just shy of £19k it’s a couple of grand cheaper than the Zakspeed Capri replica that’s also for sale. Just for reference Ford fans tend not to believe that a Capri could ever be worth more than £6k. You could try and use this car as a road car but let’s be honest, it really is meant for the track and that is where you’d have the most fun with it (plus that little bit about road tyres and a hand brake). You could also turn it into a proper race car for not much work either which would be fun but personally I wouldn’t. I’d probably tidy up the interior a little and then just enjoy it as is, because this is an awesome car and you could just enjoy all the time and hard work someone else has put in.

Cool eBay Find #88


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