Cool eBay Find #89

Not everyone likes Guards Red, and certainly on new models it doesn’t look as nice. On the classic/modern classic models however, Guards Red still looks special, and that’s one of the reasons I like this 928 so much (though it does look faded). The all black interior completes the look and is the kind of spec that won’t go out of fashion. This car is up for bidding and has reached just over £10,000 though there is a buy it now price of £25,000 so I guess the bid is a little way away from the owner’s hopes and dreams. This is also a fairly low mileage model at just 88,500 which is a good idea for investment (along with it being an S4). The owner is also selling a few other classics (a couple of SLs and a VW bus) and will consider a supercar in P/X for the 928 – not sure what supercar that would be for that money though.

Cool eBay Find #89


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