Internet Find #23

Every petrolhead should try and own a VW Beetle at least once in their life. They’re simple cars (which means not a huge amount can go wrong and they’re easier to fix) and can have a huge amount of individual character and charm which really is a fantastic thing to experience – its a car that can become part of your family. Another nice feature of running a Beetle is that you can modify it as you go along and add to the car’s story. This one looks to be in good condition, though not perfect as the owner points out there is some rust in the passenger footwell and both doors along with a slipping clutch, brakes pulling to one side and the car needs two new tires – so quite a lot really. The owner states that fixing the footwell would be easy for someone who knows what they’re doing but the average car owner couldn’t so you’d have to account for that cost and it makes me question why the owner didn’t do it before getting a tailor-made carpet fitted that certainly wouldn’t have been cheap. The timing also needs adjusting and the MOT only lasts until next month. If it were me I would be looking at this car as a running and driving project that will certainly need some work and be looking to leverage that to get the price down quite a way on the owner’s £4,500 asking.


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