Internet Find #25

Anyone fancy a mangy Rangie? This Range Rover is evidently a project judging by the photos and the owner has also SORNed it for a restoration. According to the limited information this is a 64,000 mile car (which is a very good thing if you can verify it) and is an earlier four door Range Rover with a five speed manual gearbox. I’ve driven a very nice one of these and I can say that it has the ability to drive beautifully and that the gear change is very mechanical but so nice to use too. The V8 in these is quite something and provides plenty of power too, its a car I would happily drive day to day for the comfort level as well as the driving. Of course this car needs welding (probably quite a lot of it) and a headlining too as it has dropped while the car has been left outside (no surprise there). At £1,500 this could probably make a nice project for someone with the ability and time to do it (it is huge remember), especially since prices are now on the up.

Internet Find #25


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