Cool eBay Find #91

This find is a little unusual, and most certainly rare. Land Rover Defenders have been modified many ways over to suit many different roles. This one played the part of a Fire Engine and is kitted out as such, with an extended wheelbase too by the looks of it. It’s fitted with a V8 too to give it a little more grunt to pull all that extra weight and has some nice history too. What you’d do with it as it is I’m not quite sure, apart from take it to shows or use it for promos. If you weren’t so worried about keeping it as a fire engine (which seems to be both a shame and completely reasonable) you could gut it and turn it into either the worlds most capable camper or you could use it as a classic car service vehicle. Either way this is pretty unique and not badly priced for the moment, though I would much rather have one of the Range Rover variants.

Cool eBay Find #91


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