Internet Find #27

Older Ferraris are really starting to attract more and more of my attention, and though it is good that their prices are going up so well it also means I’m less and less likely to be able to buy one. This 308 GTSi is a bit unusual and modified too, making it look like a matchbox car (which I love). I’m not sure how those huge wheels will affect the car’s ride and handling but it certainly looks cool. This is now a road registered race car that has been used in the Maranello Challenge on two occasions by the previous owner who has owned the car for over 20 years.

The car is fitted with a dry sumped 380bhp V8 engine on throttle bodies which was rebuilt by Shiltech only 300 miles ago – meaning that you should have plenty of trouble free motoring ahead. The bodywork is in fine condition with composite doors and the rear section is also composite. Apparently the suspension has been upgraded with modified suspension pick up points and of course those wider split rim wheels. The car is fitted with a full roll cage along with race seats/belts and a plumbed in fire extinguisher. The car comes with its original wheels and a set of race wheels with slick tires on it too, whats not to like?

Internet Find #27


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