Internet Find #28

I think this is the oldest car that I’ve featured on this blog, and I think it is completely amazing. There is something nice about being able to buy a car when it is 100 years old to my mind, especially one that looks as lovely as this one does. Its not often a prototype car comes to market and certainly not one this old. Another fantastic feature of this car is its story, this car was used by Edgar Wren, Austin’s test driver, to tour the nation and drum up sales for the car. He and another salesman (using only photos) were so successful that they managed to drum up £6m worth of sale by July 1919.

This was an impressive car when released and still looks to be today, with a top speed in excess of 60mph and a luxurious driving style. I think this car is absolutely stunning and I wouldn’t be surprised if the photos don’t even manage to do it justice. I always like it when a car has action shots in its adverts. This is a chance to buy an iconic piece of British motoring and to me it is well worth having, even without knowing what the price is.

Internet Find #28


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