Cool eBay Find #92

It’s always sad to see a smashed up car, especially when it’s one as nice as a Ferrari 430 (a manual one!!). As you can see from the photos this car is completely ruined and it now a Cat B car, meaning it cannot go back on the road as the shell/chassis is compromised. The car is actually being sold by the owner (who was involved in the crash) and tells the story of it. A Discovery turned across in front of him at 55mph and claimed not to have seen him, unsurprisingly the Land Rover ended up on its side due to its much higher ride height. You can tell that the owner is sad at the loss of their pride and joy which was an immaculate and low mileage car, but I’m sure the near £30,000 bid so far will help to ease the pain along with the insurance payout. There are still a huge amount of parts on this car that could be sold to make a profit from it but imagine putting that engine and gearbox into something else. I know there happens to be a Ferrari 308 shell on eBay at the moment too….

Cool eBay Find #92


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