Cool eBay Find #96

#96 has got to be one of the coolest Capris I’ve seen in ages, and without completely changing the original aesthetic either. This car is as probably as good as you could get one of these (ignoring the small pieces that are left to be done) and I think it looks fantastic. Just about everything has been rebuilt and the car is like new, who wouldn’t want to be able to drive a car like that? The only bad point is that the owner believes they have listed the car for a reasonable price which is £20,000 (much more than most Capris you’ll find on the market) and personally I think it’s high. You can never return what you spent on these sorts of projects unfortunately. Maybe there will be one crazy buyer but personally I think it needs to be below £15,000 to sell, even with it being as lovely as it is.

Cool eBay Find #96


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