Cool eBay Find #97

I think that this car is so rare and so special that the eBay listing for it has already ended as I’m writing this. I’m not sure a lot of people – even petrolheads – would recognise the Lotus 340R aside from the face that it’s a Lotus. This one was the last one to come out of the factory and has every option ticked apparently. Bearing in mind that this car was built before 2001 (though registered in 2004) it has only covered 2900 miles, which seems like a little bit of a shame though you would probably only want to take it out on a very dry and sunny day. This one was listed for £89,500 and I can see them justifying that price for even a less special version of this car. Lotus kept this car themselves for potential development which sadly never happened, and I can’t quite believe these cars sold for £35,000 new, especially when looking at prices of the 311.

Cool eBay Find #97


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