Cool eBay Find #98

I can’t believe I’m at nearly 100 eBay finds and haven’t yet featured a Mercedes 190e ‘Cosworth’, they’re one of my favourite cars and I love driving them. I saw this one and thought it looked very cheap for the condition and relative low mileage (around 120k), that was until I saw that it’s an auto. These cars are famed for their dogleg manual gearboxes and those are the most popular. I haven’t driven an auto one so I can’t comment on how they drive but that might make this car a great option at this price for the condition of the car. I love the way they look, the interior is great and they sound good too, but one of the best things is how they progress so smoothly along the road, it’s quite unlike anything else. These are a proper cool car and likely to rise in price further before too long.

Cool eBay Find #98


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