Internet Find #34

Sometimes shoddy photos can really hide a stunning car, and I don’t think that the photos for this listing are that bad but this really is a lovely car! Its not often you see a TR3A and one in British Racing Green is even nicer in my opinion. The car belonged to the current owner’s late father so you can appreciate there are probably a lot of fond memories attached to this car. The vendor’s father bought the car back in 1998 which makes for a nice ownership history. What is really lovely about this car is that its mileage of roughly 24,000 is original, and that certainly makes this pretty little car a bargain if you ask me. The way the advert is written makes it sound as if the current owner is the car’s third owner only (though I could be wrong) which is pretty impressive for a car that was built in 1960!

Internet Find #34


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