Internet Find #37

It is always nice to be able to meet the person who owns the car you’re potentially purchasing, as it allows you to learn more about the car and how it was kept along with any foibles it may have (classic cars always have one or two, its part of their character). The Lotus Elan is one of my all time favourite cars, I love the way they look, sound and drive, they truly are superb little cars. The current owner purchased the car back in 1999 and from then it was used by his wife as an everyday car until kids made that impractical. After this point it was used for road trips to Le Man, track days and even family outings, sounds like this little Lotus has lead a charmed life as a member of the family.

The engine was rebuilt ten years ago by the owner and had modifications before he bought it such as bigger valves – even bigger than the ‘big valve’ valves apparently! The car also runs on Weber carbs and is described as a strong engine. The gearbox was also rebuilt during the current ownership and the car was fitted with a competition clutch that is heavy but works well. The car has a galvanised chassis which is a common modification on these cars and some upgrades to the suspension and drive shafts for more track day use. Over the past ten years the paintwork became scruffy and the owner had the car repainted (glass out) which lead to a crack in the bottom of the windscreen. The Sebastopol sunroof was also replaced. The interior is good but not perfect and the wheels could use a professional refurb but this is a good and useable car that really is making me want to go on a road trip. This is how a Lotus is supposed to be.

Internet Find #37


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