Cool eBay Find #104

Hot hatches can be a huge amount of fun for not a lot of money, and this Renault 5 GT Turbo certainly looks like it could be one of those. It’s got a starting bid of £3,500 with no bids as of yet and looks to be in good condition, though the owner says that there is some rusting around the windscreen and front wings. The bodywork is straight and the paintwork mostly good which isn’t bad for a 28 year old car, plus it’s a pretty unusual colour for one of these, and probably more suited to a big Mercedes, though I like it. It’s a 2 owner car which is great and just 73,000 miles on the clock which isn’t bad at all, though I would have to get rid of the awful speakers that ruin the car just a bit. Apparently the car was put off of the road in 2005 and I would assume only put back on recently with money spent to recommission it so that it should be ready for use. The current owner has had the car since 1994 and knows its history so it would be worth talking to them a bit if you were to buy it. Apparently the interior cost £2,500 using high grade leather though it will have a marmite effect, and I can’t decide which side I’m on. This is a great useable hot hatch that definitely needs to be driven and enjoyed.

Cool eBay Find #104


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