Cool eBay Find #105

I really like American pick up trucks, they just seem to have that cool vibe and image plus you can hot rod them or rat rod them and people don’t mind because you’ve been creative. The 50s Ford F100 is one of my favourites and I think that the shape of these is just stunning. I thought this one was a steal at under £19k (yes I know it’s a lot but not for one of these in this condition) until I saw that it was a straight six and not a V8 which is a bit of a shame. Still, this truck is stunning and has evidently had a fair amount of money thrown at it, and it’s probably better than buying a rusted out hulk, unless you’re one of those people who loves a project and has loads of time and money on their hands. Apparently it’s in show condition too so you have that avenue should you decide to purchase it, though if you do please get rid of those underlights!

Cool eBay Find #105


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