Internet Find #42

A fast road car can be a very fun thing, even if it can also be a little impractical. I haven’t had the chance to drive an MG C yet but I would imagine I will like it as much as the MG B which I am a big fan of. This one is non-original but looks to be in great condition, and it should be considering that it was restored around 2010/11. This was also when it received the modifications you can see in the photos, I wonder though whether it was easier to convert because of missing/damaged bumpers etc or because that was what the owner preferred (it could easily be either). The car was purchased by the current owner in late 2013 and luckily they have the complete list of modifications that the car received, and its pretty extensive with the owner describing it as an MG C with all of the foibles dealt with. The car is in its original colour and comes with the original seats too. Its listed for £19,250 though in the description you can see the original price was just shy of £21k, so its dropped a fair way, and that gives you an idea of how hard this car could be to sell too.

Internet Find #42


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