Cool eBay Find #109

I should probably just turn this page into ‘Capri Time’ by now really…and though I try to minimise posting the same sorts of cars over and again but I couldn’t pass up the chance to post about this 3.0S which could be a huge bargain. It’s white with a brown/beige interior, possibly not the best colour combo but you could change the interior to black and you’d be set. This car has been in storage since 2005 and has only had two owners which is quite rare. Apparently the first owner was a VW dealer who only owned the car from 1980-1981 and was then bought by the second owner (who bought it for his wife). She then had the S stripe removed and drove the car regularly up until ill health when the car was put into storage. Apparently the engine was recommissioned recently and runs well, the seller even drove it forty miles to their base after the wheels were refurbished and all five tires were changed. The bodywork looks to be in good condition with minimal rust and is original which is one of the main things. This could be a car that you could tidy up and use or restore fully and sell on for a lot of money. Either way this Capri is definitely worth considering.

Cool eBay Find #109


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